Mazor – First Architects & City Planners is a private owned architectural frm, highly experienced, renowned and leading in practicing and consulting in the felds of urban planning and architecture, for regional, municipal, public and private systems and bodies. Our frm employs a professional in-house permanent staf of about 20 people. In addition we head and manage multidisciplinary work teams, set up for specifc planning projects, including on a very large scale and scope.


individual buildings. engaged in promoting urban renewal of existing complexes, fabrics, public centers, and to architectural design of urban fabrics, neighborhoods and buildings. In addition, the frm is recreational and education areas, employment compounds, touristic complexes etc.), and up metropolitan and urban planning, planning of complex urban systems (such as cultural, range of scales and scopes; From planning at the national and regional level, through The frm provides comprehensive design services, planning and architecture design in a wide


gives our work an advantage in providing comprehensive, creative and sustainable solutions. planning models. The fact that we are engaged in a wide range of levels and design phases developing innovative work methodologies and implementing new and cutting-edge From the day the frm was establishes and since then on, special attention has been paid to

Our involvement in academic seminars and academic activities in Israel and abroad is refected in constant updating of work methods and planning issues, and contributes to the innovation in the frms work and research.

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no wind is favorable.

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